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Shelton Security & Networking is a certified installer of ALARM.COM products

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 Home Automation "emPower" Module

( Z-WAVE )'s emPower module connects all of the devices in your home; giving you smart and responsive home automation and seamless control that you can’t get from stand-alone solutions.’s intelligent services platform is the foundation for your connected home – giving you access to advanced control, better awareness, and reliable, state of the art technology. controls

SECURITY Monitoring

Concord 4  & Simon XTI 5

( Z-WAVE Compatible )

Unlike other systems that piggyback on your cable or phone connection, systems have a dedicated connection.

Internet or broadband down? No problem.

Power outage? We've got you covered with battery backup. Phone line cut? Not an issue. systems have their own dedicated, reliable cellular connection.

You can count on reliable, uninterrupted protection.

Simon XTi

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Concord 4

Concord 4 notification


 Monitoring & Sensors 

( Z-WAVE Compatible )

Save energy and stay comfortable, without compromise.’s Energy Management Solution connects all your devices into a responsive system that helps you save automatically. Control your smart thermostats, lights and sensors in a single app, and get instant alerts when the temperature changes. Get truly smarter savings with an Energy Management Solution that combines easy to use automation, location-based optimization, intelligent learning, and triggered automation. app notification
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Thermostat Control

( Z-WAVE Compatible ) Thermostat

The Smart Thermostat is in sync with other devices and sensors in the home so it can react accordingly. If a door or window is left open too long, the AC can automatically shut off to stop wasting energy. It can even automatically adjust when you arm your system away.

Create personalized schedules to automate lights and thermostats based on time and day of week, keeping your house comfortable and making it appear occupied when you’re away.


 Access Control

Door Locks & More

( Z-WAVE Compatible )

Stop leaving your key under the mat, or worrying that you left the garage door open. Enhance your security with complete control and visibility over all the entry points to your home. seamlessly integrates door locks and garage door control to our intelligent platform, giving you the same real-time visibility, control and customized automation options that you have for your security system. remote access Access Control


Video Monitoring

( Z-WAVE Compatible )

See what’s happening at your property in real time, get instant alerts with smart clip capture and never miss a moment with continuous recording. Now it's easy to check up on the kids, your pets and valuables, and see what's actually happening in the event of an alarm.’s Video Monitoring service offers a best-in-class end-to-end video solution. It includes anytime live streaming, smart clip capture with secure cloud storage, instant video alerts and continuous high definition recording. Video Monitoring video notification
Video Surveillance
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